Jessica Morris

Take our survey and take a selfie for Glioblastoma Awareness Day: July 17

Click here to take our survey about what GBM patients need. Anyone is welcome.

Then please take a selfie for for the first ever Glioblastoma Awareness Day.
- Make a sign that says “Glioblastoma Awareness Day #GBMDay"
- Take a photo of yourself holding the sign (selfie).
- Video: say your name, how you're affected by GBM, and what you want (eg “My name is Martha and my friend Jessica has GBM. We need new treatments.")

Tips: hold phone sideways (ie horizontal, landscape) and keep it short (under a minute).

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube using hashtags #GBMDay #OurBrainBank (set to “public"). If you'd like us to post it, send to

Help us spread the word. Share your ideas on social media and @Our Brain Bank for Glioblastoma start a Crowdrise campaign for OurBrainBank or do a fundraiser for July 17 on

Thank you. OurBrainBank is a registered non-profit founded by Jessica Morris, living with GBM.

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