Jessica Morris

"I'm surviving glioblastoma because..."

“I'm ace and have a positive attitude and a happy life." — Joanie

“God gave me the wisdom to seek a second opinion." — Robert

“I'm too stubborn to let it beat me." — Marlene

“I refused to listen to the senior radiologist who told me to enjoy my last 6 months and go and eat chocolate biscuits." — Lorraine

“I have a strong support group, positivity, prayer and a never give up attitude! GBM picked the wrong girl to mess with!" — Jolen

“It's my personal mission in life to knock the snot out of the statistics." — Beth

“I have way too much to live for!!" — Lynn

“I channel my professional abilities into the motivating force that is OurBrainBank." — Jessica

“GBM chose the wrong one to mess with!!" — Alex

“I realized we have two lives to live, the second one began when I realized I have only one life to live." — Melinda

“I got a strong will to live… and find something that inspires me everyday." — Michael

“I'm thankful each day. I'm fortunate to have excellent medical care and a marvelously supportive spouse, family and friends. Because of Grace freely given." — Joan

“I have a 16 year old son and I'm determined to meet my grandkids (hopefully many years from now). I will push push push myself to fight to live." — Patty

“I have wonderful caregivers: Mom & Dad; love from friends; and most of all because of my nephew and niece whom I want see grow and see what will they become." — Maya