Jessica Morris

Launching OurBrainBank

Summer nights in New York City are often hot and muggy. I was sitting out in a bar, celebrating a friend's birthday, when my phone buzzed with a news alert. John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer......

I felt an enormous sense of sympathy and empathy. I wouldn't wish a diagnosis of glioblastoma on anyone. It reminded my of the utter shock I felt when I received the same devastating news over a year ago,

As I left the party and headed home, I sent off an email to the New York Times oped desk. How about a piece from a patient, setting out what McCain and others facing this diagnosis, can expect?

I woke the next morning to an email from the Times green-lighting a draft.

John McCain's diagnosis has helped shine a spotlight on this disease. GBM has already taken the lives of notable DC residents, including Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden.

Now it's time to turn that tide. OurBrainBank is focused on one objective: turning glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients. By monitoring our symptoms via the OurBrainBank app, we will be able to manage our dieases so much more effectively. At the same time, we will turn our data into the best kind of medical currency, enabling medical experts to spot insights, synergies, and new ways to accelerate progress to overcoming GBM. And in doing so, helping crack all cancers.

Cancer is a lottery, and glioblastoma perhaps the worst cancer cards to be dealt with. But OurBrainBank allows those of us living with this disease, and our caregivers, to turn our experiences into valuable data, so that our lives count. We are helping ourselves and helping others.

Best of luck to Senator McCain, and to all those around the world, with GBM now next to their name.

Check out the OpEd, and welcome to OurBrainBank.